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【Ren Zhengfei: We are only worried that Huawei's products won't sell.) On the 19th, the U.S. government will decide whether to continue to liberalize the supply of Huawei or to completely ban it. At the same time, the US is still pressing its allies to exclude Huawei from the 5G network. Ren Zhengfei expressed confidence that Britain could withstand pressure from the United States. Ren Zhengfei said, "We don't care which country buys us or not. Our problem now is that we can't sell and can't supply so much." Ren also jokes that Huawei's current exposure and market space are bestowed by Beit Trump. (CCTV Finance and Economics) 【Haitong Macro-Comment LPR Rules: Market-oriented interest rate reduction, not flooding】. Jiang Chao and Li Jinliu of Haitong Macro-Comment argue that the LPR mechanism should be improved and the MLF interest rate should be added. Increase the term variety and quotation line, reduce the quotation frequency. New loan benchmark, stock contract unchanged. The benchmark of bank loan interest rate pricing is based on LPR, which promotes the decline of real loan interest rate in a market-oriented way, rather than directly reducing interest rate. In the long run, if the central bank adjusts the operating interest rate of the open market in the future, it will directly affect the lending interest rate, realize the linkage between the lending interest rate and the interest rate of the financial market, and dredge the transmission mechanism of monetary policy. Wang Jingwu, Director-General of the Financial Stability Bureau of the People's Bank of China, will speed up the promulgation of supporting rules for new capital management regulations. Next, we should continue to promote the management of insurance products, investment in government industrial investment funds, cash management products management of commercial banks, and asset securitization, and improve the supervision system of financial subsidiaries of commercial banks. (Shanghai Stock Exchange) 【Duan Guosheng: There are six major problems in the current asset management market】 On August 17, Duan Guosheng, president of China Insurance Management Association, mentioned that there are six major problems in the current asset management market. Firstly, the unified standards for the supervision of capital management have just started, and various types of capital management institutions are facing different standards; secondly, lack of basic financial instruments; thirdly, there are shortcomings in the capacity of asset management institutions; fourthly, insufficient productivity of asset management; fifthly, the proportion of institutional investors is relatively low; sixth, the development of science and technology is relatively backward. 。 In response to the above problems, he suggested that, first, unified supervision standards for the same type of asset management business; second, long-term fund training; third, asset management institutions should pay attention to asset management capacity-building; fourth, he hoped that the state would vigorously support the development of basic financial instruments; fifth, asset management institutions should increase investment in science and technology. (China Securities and Exchange Network) CCTV News, August 17, said that the U.S. is facing the risk of recession while the U.S. is facing the ultimate pressure on China. Fu Limin, a senior U.S. diplomat who served as U.S. envoy to China, said that it was unwise for the United States to threaten to withdraw from the World Trade Organization and to exert extreme pressure in Sino-US economic and trade negotiations. Several industry insiders recently warned that the U.S. government's tariff policy and the resulting uncertainty will slow or even plunge the U.S. economy into recession. (CCTV News) Market news: Argentina's economy minister Duhofner resigned and said in his letter that "in the economic crisis, Argentina needs major reforms". 【Prospects for the Central Bank to Improve the LPR Pricing Mechanism】 Given that the new one-year LPR interest rate will be formally linked to the one-year MLF interest rate, the time for the Central Bank to reduce the OMO interest rate is more mature. Specifically, the current domestic growth and inflation expectations are declining, financing costs and difficulties of some economic sectors are rising, and exchange rate formation mechanism is more flexible. At the same time, major overseas central banks have opened interest rate reduction channels and interest rate spreads between China and the United States are at a historic high. These internal and external environments open up space for central banks to reduce OMO interest rates. In addition, the July economic activity data show that with the rising uncertainty of domestic and foreign demand, the downward pressure of domestic growth has increased, the issuance of currency has slowed down, and the central bank also has the need to relax monetary policy appropriately in the short term. (Caixin) 【Zhang Youxia met with the Director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army】 On the afternoon of August 17, Vice-Chairman Zhang Youxia of the Central Military Commission met with Kim Xiuji, member of the Korean State Council and director of the General Political Bureau of the People's Army in Beijing. Zhang Youxia said that in the past two years, Chairman Kim Jong-un has visited China four times and President Xi Jinping has made a historic state visit to North Korea. He has reached a series of important consensus on the development of traditional friendly and cooperative relations between China and North Korea, injected strong impetus into the development of Sino-DPRK relations in the new era and opened a new chapter of Sino-DPRK friendship. Maintaining, developing and consolidating Sino-Korean relations has always been our unswerving policy. (Issued by the Ministry of Defense) Xiao Gang, former chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, said on the 17th that after more than a year's experience, three common understandings have been basically reached: first, adhere to the principles and directions of the new regulations on capital management; second, grasp the rhythm and strength well, and do not carry out "one size fits all"; third, speed up the implementation of "one size fits all"; The structural reform of the financial supply side should actively develop the asset management industry. The asset management industry should deal with three relationships: the relationship between old assets and new products, the relationship between simple transparency and hierarchical structure of asset management products, and the relationship between diversified competition of asset management institutions and unified supervision. (China Securities and Exchange Network) Wang Jingwu, Director of the Financial Stability Bureau of the Central Bank, said that on the one hand, we should continue to grasp the relationship between risk prevention and development, strengthen supervision coordination and anticipated guidance, and promote finance.  
【任正非:我们只是担心华为的产品不会销售。)19日,美国政府将决定是继续放开华为的供应,还是完全禁止华为的供应。与此同时,美国仍在敦促其盟友将华为排除在5G网络之外。任正非表示相信英国能够承受来自美国的压力。任正非说:“我们不在乎哪个国家买我们。我们现在的问题是,我们不能销售,也不能供应这么多。”任正非还开玩笑说,华为目前的曝光率和市场空间都是由贝特特朗普提供的。(中央电视台财经频道) 【海通宏观点评LPR规则:市场化降息,不泛滥】海通宏观评论的姜超和李金流认为,应改进低利率融资机制,并增加低利率融资利率。增加术语种类和报价行,减少报价频率。新贷款基准,股票合约不变。银行贷款利率定价的基准是基于LPR,它以市场化的方式促进实际贷款利率的下降,而不是直接降低利率。从长远来看,如果央行未来调整开放市场的操作利率,将直接影响贷款利率,实现贷款利率与金融市场利率的联动,疏通货币政策。 中国人民银行金融稳定局局长王敬武将加快新资本管理规定配套细则的颁布。下一步,继续推进保险产品管理、政府产业投资基金投资、商业银行现金管理产品管理、资产证券化,完善商业银行金融子公司监管体系。(上海证券交易所) 【段国生:当前资产管理市场存在六大问题】8月17日,中国保险管理协会会长段国生提到,当前资产管理市场存在六大问题。一是统一的资本管理监管标准刚刚起步,各类资本管理机构面临着不同的监管标准;二是缺乏基本的金融工具;三是资产管理机构能力存在缺陷。四是资产管理生产力不足;五是机构投资者比重较低;六是科技发展相对滞后。针对上述问题,他建议,一是对同类资产管理业务统一监管标准;二是长期资金培训;三是资产管理机构要重视资产管理能力建设;四是希望国家大力支持发展基础金融工具;五是资产管理机构加大科技投入。(中国证券交易网) 中央电视台8月17日报道说,美国正面临经济衰退的风险,而美国正面临对中国的最终压力。担任美国驻华使节的美国高级外交官傅立民说,美国威胁退出世界贸易组织并在中美经贸谈判中施加极端压力是不明智的。一些业内人士最近警告说,美国政府的关税政策及其带来的不确定性将减缓甚至使美国经济陷入衰退。(中央电视台新闻) 市场新闻:阿根廷经济部长杜霍夫纳辞职,在信中说“在经济危机中,阿根廷需要进行重大改革”。 【央行完善LPR定价机制的前景】考虑到新的一年期LPR利率将正式与一年期MLF利率挂钩,央行降低OMO利率的时机更加成熟。具体来说,当前国内增长和通胀预期下降,部分经济部门融资成本和困难上升,汇率形成机制更加灵活。与此同时,国外主要央行纷纷开通降息渠道,中美之间的利差也处于历史高位。这些内部和外部环境为中央银行提供了降低OMO利率的空间。此外,7月份经济活动数据显示,随着国内外需求的不确定性增加,国内增长下行压力加大,货币发行放缓,央行也有必要放松货币政策。  
【中國财富管理50人论壇發佈報告 建议積極推動理财業務嚮直接融资方嚮转型】中國财富管理50人论壇17日發佈《资管行業未來市场格局與業務模式研究》。報告建议,银行要積極推動理财業務嚮直接融资方嚮转型;保险资管機構要管理好母公司资產,同時積極開拓養老金及第三方受托業務。報告建议監管層通過修订和完善《信托法》、《證券法》、《證券投资基金法》等法律法规,明確资產管理業務的信托本質關係,明確资管產品屬于證券範畴,逐步统一各類资管機構和资管產品的監管體係,统一地方與中央的監管尺度、统一资管產品计税规则、加快齣臺配套措施。(中證報) 【央行完善LPR定價機製展望】鑒于新的1年期LPR利率將正式與1年期MLF利率掛钩,央行下调OMO利率的時機更爲成熟。具體看,當前國内增長通胀预期下行、部分经濟部門的融资成本和難度有所上陞、匯率形成機製更爲靈活;同時,海外主要央行均開啟降息通道、中美利差處于歷史高位——這些内外部環境均爲央行下调OMO利率打開瞭空间。此外,7月经濟活動數據錶明,隨着内外需不確定性上陞,國内增長下行壓力加大,货幣發行减速,央行也有短期内適當放鬆货幣政策的需要。(财新網) 市场消息:根據泄露给泰晤士報的政府文件,如果齣现無協议脱歐,经過主通道過境點的卡車中,有85%的卡車“可能還没有準備好”接受法國海關的检查,并且可能麵臨2天半的延误。 市场消息:沙特方麵消息人士稱,鬍塞武裝的袭擊可能是由三傢無人機進行的,油田的相關人员安全。 中國地震臺網正式测定:08月17日22時52分在臺湾花莲縣發生4.1级地震,震源深度9韆米。 【美各界:對華施壓難奏效,经濟或陷衰退】央视新闻8月17日消息,美國各界認爲,美國對中國的極限施壓難以奏效,而美國自身麵臨衰退風险。曾擔任美國驻華公使的美國资深外交官傅立民錶示,美國威脅退齣世界贸易组织,并在中美经贸磋商中采取極限施壓,這些做法都非常不明智。多位業内人士近期警告,美國政府的關税政策和由此產生的不確定性將令美國经濟增長放缓甚至陷入衰退。(央视新闻) 沙特能源大臣法利赫:鬍塞武裝對沙特原油设施的袭擊目標是影響全球原油供應。 【段國聖:當前资產管理市场存在六大问题】8月17日,中國保险资管協會會長段國聖提到,當前资產管理市场主要存在六大问题。首先,统一资管的監管標準刚刚起步,各類资管機構麵臨着不同的標準;第二,缺乏基礎的金融工具;第三,资產管理機構能力存在短闆;第四,资產管理產品化不足;第五,機構投资者的佔比较低;第六,科技發展比较落後。针對上述问题,他建议,一是對同類型的资管業務统一監管標準;二是註重長期资金的培養;三是资產管理機構要註重资產管理能力建设;四是希望國傢大力扶持基礎金融工具的發展;五是资管機構應當加大科技投入。(中證網) 【上海浦東新區:上半年工業投资增長70.8%】抓项目、穩投资,在保持经濟平穩運行中有着十分重要的作用。來自上海浦東新區六届人大第六次會议的信息顯示,浦東新區今年上半年區域工業投资增長70.8%,爲工業穩增長和转型陞级積蓄瞭後劲。來自上海市经信委的统计顯示,在工業新開工项目中,大项目投资佔主導地位,主要集中在汽車整車及零部件、裝備製造等行業,對工業投资的支撑力度不斷增强。(證券時報) 【週延禮:保险资金對利率變動非常敏感】原中國保監會副主蓆週延禮指齣,保险资金對利率的變動非常敏感。這主要是由于保险资金配置追求大類资產配置,追求安全性和一定的流動性。風险的偏好较低,投资風格穩健、審慎,特彆是在大類资產選择上,多數與高信用等级的固收和類固收的投资爲主。保险资金對利率的變動是非常敏感的,特彆是存续期長的固定收益的资產對利率的敏感性更高,市场利率的微小波動都會導緻资產價值的较大波動。(中證網) 【肖钢:资管行業要處理好老资產與新產品等三個關係】 證監會原主蓆肖钢17日錶示,经過一年多來的经验總结,當前基本達成三個共识:一是堅持资管新规的原则和方嚮;二是把握好節奏和力度,不搞“一刀切”;三是加快金融供给侧结構性改革,積極地發展资產管理行業。资產管理行業要處理好三個關係:老资產與新產品的關係、资管產品简單透明和结構分層的關係、资管機構多元競争與统一監管的關係。(中證網) 【张又侠會見朝鲜人民军總政治局局長】8月17日下午,中央军委副主蓆张又侠在京會見瞭朝鲜國務委员會委员、人民军總政治局局長金秀吉。张又侠说,這兩年,金正恩委员長四度访華,習近平主蓆對朝鲜進行瞭歷史性國事访问,就發展中朝传统友好閤作關係達成一係列重要共识,爲新時代中朝關係發展註入强大動力,開啟瞭中朝友谊崭新篇章。维護好、發展好、鞏固好中朝關係,始终是我们堅定不移的方针。(國防部發佈) 【海通宏觀點评LPR细则:市场化降利率,不搞大水漫灌】海通宏觀薑超、李金柳認爲,完善LPR機製,按MLF利率加點。增加期限品種和報價行,降低報價频率。新發贷款基準,存量閤同不變。银行贷款利率定價基準依據LPR,是以市场化方式推動實際贷款利率水平下降,而非直接降息大水漫灌。從長期來看,未來如果央行對公開市场操作利率進行调整,则將直接影響贷款利率,實现贷款利率與金融市场利率的聯動,疏通货幣政策传導機製。 【顧建纲:建议進一步明確银行理财產品的法人主體地位】工银理财董事長顧建纲錶示,银行资管行業转型需要市场投资者、管理者和監管者在符閤相關法律法规的前提下相互配閤。他具體介绍,在戰略定位方麵,银行理财要按照直接融资要求推進转型。在配套機製方麵,要加快完善银行理财相關製度安排;法律製度層麵,建议進一步明確银行理财產品的法人主體地位,建议规定允许投资者在國務院或银保監會認可的交易平臺上進行银行理财產品的交易流转。(上證報) 【王景武:要加强長期资金供给,推進资管業務平穩有序地發展】央行金融穩定局局長王景武錶示,一方麵要繼续把握好防風险與促發展的關係,加强監管協调和预期引導,推動金融機構穩妥有序,確定整改计劃,確保新舊業務的平穩過渡。另一方麵,要引導推動養老金、企業年金、保险资金發挥長期资金的優勢,擴大、可投资资管產品的範围,并適當防範對所投资资管產品的投资範围的限製,爲资管業務的转型發展提供多元的资金支持。(新浪财经) 【消息】全國大人外事委员會發言人就美國國會议员涉港错误言论發錶谈话。(央视新闻) 【海通宏觀點评LPR细则:市场化降利率,不搞大水漫灌】海通宏觀薑超、李金柳認爲,完善LPR機製,按MLF利率加點。增加期限品種和報價行,降低報價频率。新發贷款基準,存量閤同不變。银行贷款利率定價基準依據LPR,是以市场化方式推動實際贷款利率水平下降,而非直接降息大水漫灌。從長期來看,未來如果央行對公開市场操作利率進行调整,则將直接影響贷款利率,實现贷款利率與金融市场利率的聯動,疏通货幣政策传導機製。 【任正非:我们现在隻擔心華爲的產品賣不過來】19日,美國政府將决定,是繼续放開對華爲供货還是徹底封殺。同時,美國嚮盟國施壓、要求將華爲排除在5G網络建设的攻勢依然在展開。任正非錶示,相信英國能够抵挡得住來自美國的壓力。任正非说,“我们现在不在乎哪個國傢買我们的、不買我们的,我们现在的问题是賣不過來,不能供應這麼多。”任正非還開玩笑地调侃道,華爲目前的曝光度和市场空间都是拜特朗普所赐。(央视财经) 中國人民银行金融穩定局局長王景武:將加快资管新规配套细则的齣臺。下一步,要繼续推進保险资管產品的管理、资管產品投资政府產業投资基金、商業银行现金管理類產品管理,以及资產證券化等相關辦法的製定實施,完善商業银行理财子公司相關監管製度。(上證報) 市场消息:阿根廷经濟部長杜霍夫内辭職,并在信中錶示“在经濟危機中,阿根廷需要重大改革”。


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